Riverview ATV Park Rules: ATVs, UTVs, Off-Road Motorcyles

ATVs, UTVs and OHMs (Dual Sport and Off-Road Motorcycles)

    1. Daily park hours are 8:00 A.M. until DUSK.
    2. A $10 daily pass or a $50 season pass is required for any ATV/UTV/OHM used on the trails.  A pay box
    3. and information KIOSK is located next to the Rest Area Shelter in the main parking lot.
    4. Helmets meeting the minimum DOT standards are required in all areas of the park.
    5. Riverview ATV Park is a zero-tolerance facility. No person shall operate any ATV, UTV, or OHM under the influence of alcohol.
    6. Bay Lake ATV Club Members must have window decal visible when using trails.
    7. Parking lot speed limit is 10 MPH.
    8. All signs that direct vehicle traffic and/or establish rules for the park, must be obeyed.
    9. Riders must always ride only on the marked trails and ride safely and responsibly.
    10. Riding outside designated areas may result in expulsion from the park and violators are subject to prosecution for property damage.
    11. Absolutely no motorized vehicles are allowed on single track mountain bike trails.
    12. ATVs, UTVs and OHMs must meet Federal noise and air pollution standards.
    13. No off-road motorcycle or ATV may operate on premise over 96 dB measured using SAE International (SAE) J1287 Measurement of Exhaust Sound Levels of Stationary Motorcycles.
    14. ATVs, UTVs and OHMs must have a functioning USFS approved spark arrestor.
    15. All ATV and UTV operators must meet state requirements regarding age and safety certification (s23.33(5)).
    16. All OHM operators under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
    17. Any personal injury or property damage must be reported immediately to trail patrol, Bay Lake ATV Club, and Kewaunee County.
    18. The park closes one week before the traditional Wisconsin deer hunting season and re-opens the following year on May 1st. The park may remain closed after May 1st, depending on trail conditions or if deemed necessary by the Promotions and Recreation Director.
    19. All Wisconsin All-Terrain Vehicle Laws apply to ATV / UTV/OHM use at the park.