Season and One-Day Passes

ALL Passes include a Membership

A season or a one-day pass is required for any ATV/UTV/OHM used on the trails at the Riverview ATV Park. Season passes and one-day passes are available for purchase at the park.

  • Like county boat launch fees, season and one-day passes can be purchased at the park
  • No credit or debit cards are accepted
  • Cash only
  • A season pass is included with the purchase of a Bay Lake ATV Club Membership

To purchase a season or one-day pass at the park, use an envelope from the unlocked metal box at the pay box and information kiosk near the Rest Area shelter.

  • For a one-day pass, place $10 cash for each ATV/UTV/OHM into the envelope
  • For a season pass
    • Option 1: place $50 cash for an individual season pass, or $90 for a family season pass, into the envelope
      • Fill out name and address section on the envelope
      • The County will mail you a season pass
    • Option 2: Order a season pass from the county
      • Call 920-388-0444 M-F between 8 am and 4 pm CT
  • Use one envelope per tow vehicle
  • Fill out the form attached to the envelope
  • Detach the completed form from the envelope and seal the envelope
  • Place the envelope into the locked metal pay box at the kiosk using the slot
  • Display the completed on the dashboard of your vehicle, so that upon inspection, the County Sherriff can verify payment
ATV Pay Box
ATV Pay Box
Pay Box to ATV Park