2023 Club Membership Letter

Dear Members,

First and foremost, thank you for your support through membership and welcome to another fun filled year on the trails.  Except for November, December and January, when there are no club meetings, regular monthly club meetings are held at 6:00 PM on the third Monday of each month.  All are welcome.  The location is normally the Kewaunee County Highway Department conference room.  Park closure dates and other events are listed on the calendar.

Closures and conditions – additional closures may occur depending on the trail conditions.  Please remember that the park contains farm crops.  Be sure to stay OUT of the crops and ON the trails.  If it is too muddy to stay on the trails, please come back another day.

User Fees –  $10 day passes are available at the park.  $50 season passes are available via mail or purchase right here on this website.  Please display the pass on the dashboard of your two vehicle.  Alternatively, you can purchase a season pass through a $50 annual club membership.  Once a member, you can earn your annual membership through 10 volunteer hours per season.  A $60 family membership is also an option.  The family membership includes five (5) season passes.  Under a family membership, you can earn your annual membership through 20 volunteer hours per season (for example, each member of a family of four only needs to volunteer five (5) hours per season).  Not only do volunteer hours earn your membership fee and help maintain the park, volunteer hours also earn the club support funds from the state.  These funds help us maintain the park and maintain our equipment.  It is a win for everyone!

Dirt bikes – Dirt bikes will again share use of the park with ATVs and UTVs.  In addition to a daily or seasonal pass, DNR registration is required for all dirt bikes.  Purchase your DNR registration at https://gowild.wi.gov/.  The cost is only $30 every two years!

Work days – See the events calendar on this website for scheduled work days. Work day are generally “weather permitting”.  To volunteer, ask questions or recieve updates regarding workdays, please contact Carl Gray, our Trail Maintenance Coordinator via email at graycarl1@charter.net.  The club owns a bull dozer, three tractors, and other equipment to handle the heavy lifting, but some things require a loving touch.  Please contact Carl to volunteer.  Instruction is provided and the help is heartily welcomed.

Election of officers – The three (3) year term for the position of board member is staggered in a way that one position is up for nomination each year.  There are currently three (3) board member positions.  Nominations for any position may be entered at any meeting, including the March election meeting.

Board Members

  • Tim Froelich (exp. 1/2024)
  • Perry Pavlot (exp. 1/2026)
  • James Oates (exp. 1/2025)


  • President – Justin Temme
  • Vice-President – Carl Gray
  • Secretary- Toby Froelich
  • Treasurer – Kelly Froelich

How to Protect Your Sport – Join a club.  Ride responsibly.  Questions, comments, and ideas are always welcome.  Please contact and officer or attend a meeting.  The park thrives on volunteers alone.  We need more active volunteers for park maintenance.  The WI DNR releases ATV registration funds to the club based on equipment use reimbursement and volunteer hours.  Other sources of club funds are donations, event proceeds, and membership dues.  Club membership numbers matter because off-road clubs are an initial contact point when change to existing legislation and/or laws is contemplated.  The club works closely with the Kewaunee County Parks Department.  Membership and participation in meetings in highly encouraged.  Examples of ways you can help the park and the club are volunteering for trail, building and maintenance, club record keeping, recruiting new members or teaching a beginner riding class

We welcome your support at a level which works for you!  The club needs your help and the park needs you to be a responsible rider.  The Bay Lake ATV Club whishes everyone a safe and fun summer.  We hope you see your smiling dirty faces on the trails!